Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Hello friends,

For those of you in quarantine, how are you doing? Since I am diabetic, I decided to take extra precautions and stay at home and wait this virus out until a cure or vaccine is available.
It hasn’t always been easy.
For the first two months it really wasn’t that bad. I wrote a book, cleaned my house from top to bottom, and lost 25 pounds. Most of my friends tell me that all they do is walk back and forth to the kitchen, and eat. I read that the average person has gained five pounds in the last two months.
Fortunately, not me.
Then again, I was accustomed to eating three meals a day in restaurants. In fact I only cooked when my children were coming over. So when I stopped eating all that processed food the weight came off with ease. Also, since that pesky Miss Corona came knocking on our doors, I haven’t had much of an appetite. I pretty much exist on boiled eggs and ground turkey patties now. Oh, and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
My biggest fear is not knowing what the future holds. Will they develop a vaccine? Will life ever return to normal? Will I ever get to hug my precious grandchildren again?
Let me know how you are doing during these strange and bewildering times.


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