Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Release of Clara's Forever

At long last I can finally say that I have typed The End to Clara’s Forever. I was beginning to worry about finishing it on time because, to be honest, the last month has been insanely busy
I am proud to announce that I have a new granddaughter, Cathryn Rae, who is absolutely adorable with these chubby little cheeks that you just can’t help but smooch on. My little Clara, the original Clara Mae, recently turned four, plus, I have three other grandchildren to dote on.
I just returned from a seven-day cruise a few weeks ago. Yes, I do love cruising. Call me spoiled, but I love the pampering one gets on a ship, especially in the spa. For the record, I probably need a twelve step program for I am hopelessly addicted to facials and pedicures.
Some people spend their money on port excursions. Not me, nope, I spend my spare pennies on me. If the truth be told, I spend the majority of my life in my recliner writing books, so I when I get a chance to go forth and see the world I am all over it. And the food on a cruise, oh, let’s not even go there, but I will say that I adore room service!
Okay, let’s discuss Clara’s Forever for a moment. I totally stepped out of the box with Book Four in the A Moment in Time series. When you read it you will see what I mean. Trust me, when I started the book none of the ideas that came about between the characters were already percolating in my mind, admittedly a place where peculiar thoughts sometimes tend to germinate. However, as I continued to write, it was like a natural progression of the storyline and I just went with it. About halfway through Chapter 16 I was like, “Seriously, is this really happening?”
It was.
I can’t wait to hear your responses so here is the link to Clara’s Forever http://amzn.com/B01EOZYOYO.

Keep the messages and email coming. I love hearing from you all.
Happy reading!