Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby, it's cold... make that freezing, outside!

Okay, I live in the South. We are not supposed to see temperatures of 2 degrees here. What's up with this crazy weather? For those of you who live up North, I honestly cannot even imagine what you have had to deal with this winter. What's the coldest temperature so far where you live?
I actually woke up to frozen water. This hasn't happened here in 20 years. My son came and insulated the well house and installed a light, so hopefully this will be the last time it freezes. However, I know I turned on the faucets a million times this morning attempting to get water. Thank goodness, I had bottled water for coffee or things would have gotten ugly, real quick.
Oh, I now have an inside dog. Now, don't get me wrong. I would never, ever be mean to, or mistreat an animal in any way, shape, or form, but I simply was not born with that animal loving gene that makes some people treat their four legged friends like a family member.
Until now.
When my son moved to the city, I inherited his 85 pound black lab, Hudson. He has been an outside dog for the last several months. Until the temperature dropped to 8 degrees. There was no way I could leave a defenseless animal outside in those temps, so I called my son and asked him to come give his dog a bath. He did, and brought him inside.
That was 6 weeks ago.
Nobody told me that once they came inside where it was warm and toasty, dogs didn't really want to go back out. At any rate, Hudson didn't. He loves it inside. So, I now have a house dog. And the most shocking part, to me at least, is that I love it.
Lynna's Destiny is coming along nicely. I'm almost halfway finished, and if all goes as planned I'm looking forward to an Easter release.
Stay warm and curl up with a good book!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Out with the old and in with the new, or so they say.
How was your Christmas? Mine was good, actually much better than expected. I received several wonderful gifts including a darling photo of all my grandchildren together and a picture book of the first year of my youngest granddaughter Clara's life.
(Yep, that's where the name Clara came from.)
However, there is one gift I will treasure forever. My very special daughter in law, Megan, made my brother and sister and I a quilt from pieces she cut from my mother and father's clothes. It was the most precious and thoughtful gift I have ever received. We are so blessed to have this sweet girl in our family.
Again, I have to thank you for all the kind emails I have received since the loss of my beloved parents. You will never know how much they have meant to me. I discovered that a simple email can lift your spirits on the darkest days.
Now to answer the question so many of you have asked. When will Lynna's Destiny be released?
You know I have this thing about publishing my books on holidays? Call me strange, but I just feel like people are off work then and can really settle back and enjoy a good book, especially in the winter. Add a fire, a blanket, and a hot toddy and we are all in heaven, right?
So, I was thinking of an Easter release. How does that sound?
Oh my, oh my! The emails I have received concerning the lavender eyed baby.
Some of you were not pleased.
Some of you loved the idea.
Some of you just want to know how it will all end.
As always, expect surprises in the final book.
And keep the emails coming. I love hearing from you!!

Have a great 2014!