Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lynna's Destiny

It looks like we are on track for an April 18, 2014 release for Lynna's Destiny. I am now in the process of sending it out to my fantastic beta readers who will search for typos, errors, or things that just don't add up in the story, like for instance if it was July in one paragraph and in the next paragraph Joshua and Lynna are frolicking around in the snow wearing gloves and toboggans. Not cool?
Trust me, sometimes these girls, my readers, can be brutal. JK! But, truthfully, they have absolutely no problem giving me their honest opinion. That's what I love about them and why I beg for their assistance with each new book! They help make it the best it can be!
Counting down the days and looking forward to hearing your opinion of Lynna's Destiny and also what you think of my next book which will be the first installment in the Descendants of Sea Grove series.
Talk to you soon!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet the Author

For those of you in the piedmont of North Carolina, or anyone just passing through, I will be having a Book Signing and Meet the Author Day on Thursday, March 20th at the Norwood Library in Norwood, NC from 5pm until 7pm. I will be happy to sign your books, however the majority of my books are sold for ereaders. So, since I can't sign your handheld device, I will have bookmarkers on hand to sign so you can keep your place in your print books, if you still have any of those. I personally am addicted to my Kindle. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

So Ready for Spring!

Spring fever has struck my household with a vengeance. When daffodils, which for some reason we were raised to call buttercups, and I have found it an almost impossible habit to break, start popping out of the ground I know spring isn't far behind. It's my favorite time of year.
I am definitely in a spring cleaning mood. I've parked the truck at the back door ready to clean out cabinets and closets and sends loads to Christian Ministries. I'm ashamed to say I still have plates and bowls and misc. junk stashed away from my original hope chest. I guess you could all me a pack rat since I hate to let anything go. Hate it! However, it is past time for a change.
Ready to add color!
Brighten the house!
Spring is right around the corner!
The BFF and I are headed to Charlotte later on in search of colorful, frilly, foo foo curtains for my living room. Oh, but the dear girl will probably have a migraine before the day is over, since we are polar opposites when it comes to decorating! She prefers modern decor in black, brown, and hues of a darker color. On the other hand, I am obsessed with pastels and anything Old South. Gone With the Wind memorabilia, Old South figurines, and pictures of the Battery and Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC line the walls and fill shelves of my house. Told you, I'm obsessed. It can't get too lacy, frilly or ruffly for me!
I guess the old saying is true. Opposites attract.