Saturday, February 23, 2019

40 Days and 40 Nights

Rain, rain, and buckets of rain. It’s raining cats and dogs. The bottom has fallen out of the sky. It has rained for more than 40 days and 40 nights in the great state of North Carolina and we are waterlogged.
Enough already.
Although, don’t tell anyone since the general population of my county is complaining about the rain, I rather enjoy it. It is GREAT writing weather. It’s dark and cozy inside my house as the rain beats a staccato tune on my red tin roof. I curl up in my plush, overstuffed recliner with a cup of bulletproof coffee and an afghan and completely lose myself in the storyline. Bulletproof coffee is a mainstay in the KETO diet which I rigorously follow. 
A little background. 
Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At the time, my A1C was 7.3. You are considered to be diabetic when your A1C reaches 6.5 or above. I was put on meds and a strict diet. I followed the diet, and over the next ten years my diabetes worsened and my Metformin dosage was increased. My eyesight was always blurry, I was getting tingling in my feet from nerve damage, I was developing a terrible case of psoriasis on my scalp, (nasty, but trying to be truthful here) and my blood sugar was rarely in the normal range.
Then, last mother’s day, I began the KETO diet. Oh, believe me, it isn’t a fun way of eating. It’s very, very strict. Sometimes, I honestly believe that if I look at one more pork rind I will hurl, but there are also some very good recipes out there as well. You just have to find what works best for you. And, let me tell you, IT WORKS. I began the diet not for weight loss, but as a way to combat diabetes.
Yesterday, after eight months on the diet, I went for my yearly physical. My A1C was 5.6, that of a non diabetic, and my doctor TOOK ME OFF Metformin. I was floored, shocked, stunned to the roots of my hair. He said the words, “As of this moment, your diabetes is in remission.”
Now, understand this. If I eat a slice of chocolate pie, or birthday cake, or a candy bar, or popcorn at the movie theatre my blood sugar will skyrocket and my remission will be history. So, therefore, I won’t. Like my doctor is fond of asking, “What is more important, Kitty? A slice of chocolate pie or your eyesight? A bag of popcorn, or your toes?”
To me, it’s a no brainer. So, I abstain from many, many foods that I absolutely love.
Bear in mind that KETO works exceedingly well IF YOU HAVE THE WILLPOWER to deny your cravings. If not, I’m afraid you would simply be spinning your wheels.
But enough about me. If you have small children or grandchildren my son has written, and he and his wife have illustrated, a series of fabulous children’s books. The first book is titled FARMER JOE and SNAKE by Billy Hinson on Amazon. Check it out! Your kids will love it!
So, keep the faith on these dreary winter days and remember that spring is right around the corner.
Happy Reading!

Kitty Margo

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