Saturday, January 24, 2015

Clara's Song Release

Good morning, everyone. This is an exciting day for me with the release of my 9th book. Clara's Song is the first book in the A Moment in Time Novels trilogy. Clara has grown from the 12 year old little mute girl who saved Joshua's life after Suzanne's vicious attack, to a beautiful and gifted girl on the verge of her 18th birthday. On this day, she will supposedly have complete control of her powers, which as we all remember have at times been deadly. Clara's greatest desire is to be normal like other girls her age, but nothing in her life is normal. With the Civil War closing in on them, the winds of change are beginning to blow across Sea Grove.
I hope you enjoy  book as much as I enjoyed writing it and I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
Happy Reading!


  1. I Loved, Loved, Loved Clara's Song and all of the books that lead up to it. There are really no words that can express my enjoyment of these books. I will say that this series could give the Twilight Saga a run for its $$$$. The characters in these books come to life and you do not want the stories to stop. I am so anxious for more to come. Would love to see these books on the big screen. Blockbusters!

  2. Thank you so much, Trena! Naturally I love receiving comments like yours and your kind words make my day seem a little brighter. Joshua and Lynna's story and now Clara's have been a joy to write. Clara's Heart will be published June 12th, my Dad's birthday, and Clara's Desire will be released sometime this fall, not sure yet of the date. Lots of interesting adventures in store for our Clara, and with her gifts I am rarely at a loss for new ideas. Thanks for the wonderful comment and keep in touch.

  3. I have read one of kitty margo's best seller novels and I have my expectations high with one too. Besides being a romance novel her stories have life lessons and amazing stuff poeple can relate too.