Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a blessed and very Merry Christmas. I got to spend it with my family and friends, which is what makes me the happiest. The holidays meant parties and sharing meals with loved ones, yet another party with good eats, and still more parties with great food. 10 of my girlfriends and I gathered at my house for a Christmas Hen Party, no men allowed. What a blast we had!
The entire family gathered at my house for Thanksgiving and then on Christmas Eve for chicken stew, (we had all had our fill of turkey and ham by then) pictionary, charades, presents and great fun. Then New Years rolled around and I spent it like I have every New Year's Eve for the past 13 years, by having a sleepover for the grandkids so the parents can party, or sit home and read a book, or whatever they choose.
Now, it's back to the final edit on Clara's Song. I sent it out to 3 beta readers yesterday and am anxiously waiting to hear back from them. I'm always nervous when someone reads my work for the first time. Writing Clara's Song was a labor of love and I enjoyed every minute of it. The first 100 pages were written when I took a week long trip to Myrtle Beach to be all by my lonesome and write. I read that Stephanie Meyers always has music playing in the background when she writes. Not that I would ever compare myself to her genius, but I just wonder how she does that? I have to have complete quiet and no distractions. If Lynna and Joshua are sitting on a beach in Trinidad, I have to be right beside them. If they are battling a voodoo curse I have to be looking over the voodoo woman's shoulder. I have to be in the zone, and if something happens to take me out of that zone, it takes a while to get back into it. That's why I am planning another sabbatical to either the beach or Charleston, SC (my favorite place on earth) sometime in late January or early February to begin book two in the A Moment in Time series. Let's just say Clara has no idea what is in store for her in the future.
Clara's Song should go up for preorder in the next few weeks or so. So excited about this book. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Have a great 2015,

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