Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lynna's Promise released!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Lynna's Promise was released today and I can't wait for everyone to read it.
As for me, I am anxiously awaiting lunchtime. I am a huge lover of ham, turkey and dressing. My daughter in law, Megan, is cooking the ham. My other daughter in law, Brandy is making creamed potatoes (I know it sounds strange, but my family is not big on potato salad), green beans and biscuits. My sister in law is making turkey, dressing and gravy, and my nieces are doing the rest. You ask, "What are you bringing to the Thanksgiving table, Kitty?"
Good question.
For the first time in many, many years I am not in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning.
I have been sidelined by a nasty case of double pneumonia. I know right! Can you believe it?
I've had this awful chest cold for about two weeks. No matter how much cough syrup I swallowed it would not break loose in my chest. So, I went to the doctor looking for a stronger cough medicine and, lo and behold, was diagnosed with double pneumonia. Sheesh!
How many days are left in 2013? I am so ready to put this year behind me and start a new one.
Anyway, the meds my doctor prescribed did the trick and I am feeling much better today.
Enjoy your day with your family and then snuggle up with a good book!



  1. I just finished Lynn'a Promise and was very sad to see the baby belongs to Sean, I just don't know how you will come up with an ending that will not crush someone along the way (Joshua or Sean), I would like to see it end with everyone happy, but I don't know how that can be, Lynna loves both men and either way she is tied to both now with having a baby by both men. I loved the rest of the book though, little Clara is turning out to be a super power and I hope she ends up getting rid of Susan and Jerica permanently. On the whole GREAT book!!!!!!! Will be waiting for Lynna's Destiny.

    1. I just finished the book as well. What a ride that was and there is more to come. I am sad with the ending as well. Poor Joshua :( There is no way Sean is going to let her leave that island with his child/or leave her life and I cannot see Josh coexisting with him.
      I have a bad feeling Josh will be the one to walk away to keep her safe and leave Beau with them. Just like what her dad did for her. He knows there is still danger out there he has to go back and fight and he already feels he has brought her too much misery. This will be heartbreaking to read but I am trusting in their love and still hoping for a twist with the baby turning out to be Joshua's in the end

  2. WOW! I was expecting it but I am still shocked that baby is (seems to be) Sean's. I am hoping for a twist in the next book because to be honest. With 2 strong men in the picture and a baby with each I am not sure how it will work! Who will walk away and who does Lynna want to walk away :(
    I thought Lynna's love was Joshua but then when they got to the island and she said she felt like she was home, my heart just broke for Joshua. This is is worst nightmare (or is it as it seems?).
    In a series with twists and turns, voodoo and curses and vengeful foes,who knows but I cannot wait to find out

  3. I love your comments. Hopefully all your questions will be answered on April 18, 2014 when Lynna's Destiny is released.
    As you can probably tell, I don't have it in me to write a story where boy meets girl, they fall hopelessly in love, someone stands in the way of their happiness, and little else happens.
    Ha! As folks on the island of Trinidad would say, "T'ings gonna happen."

    1. Thanks :)
      ITA, an epic love story needs meat to it. Something that makes folks laugh, cry, love, hate and feel the pain of the couple as if it is their story being told.
      I love a good love story, can you tell?
      March 18th cannot get here fast enough lol. Woman, you have robbed me of my sleep and have me on tenterhooks waiting to see how true love survives this latest hurdle.