Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Voodoo Woman has been released!

Hello ladies, and possibly some gentleman. The Voodoo Woman has been released a day early. Now remember, The Voodoo Woman is the four books in the Tropical Paradise Series which consists of Lynna’s Rogue, Lynna’s Beau, Lynna’s Promise, and Lynna’s Destiny. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but after repeating this over and over for a few months, many people still seem shocked when discovering that it isn’t a new book. I want all my fans to know this before purchasing a book they have already read. If you still wish to buy the book, hey, it’s fine with me. (Wink)

I have to admit The Voodoo Woman was a pain in the derriere to edit since the print book had to be under 828 pages and when I combined the four books I had over 950 pages. My only recourse was to shorten Lynna’s Rogue considerably, but after reading all 828 pages three times in two weeks I think I like this version better. Writers are all about stories that flow and I feel like this one does.

A Pirate to Treasure is almost ¾ finished. Lots of surprises in this book as well. Who knew Sean was… well never mind... wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. (Wink. Wink)

And then I cannot wait to sink my teeth into Clara’s Song. I feel like I will enjoy writing this book most of all. So many story lines have popped into my head for her. I just have to decide which road I want her to travel.

Now, with all that said I am going to beseech, entreat, implore, plead, cajole (thank God for a thesaurus) and just flat out beg. I have had almost 16,000 visitors to my website this year, I have a few hundred email addresses from those of you who have contacted me there, and countless visitors to my Facebook page. In comparison Lynna’s Rogue has had only 141 reviews, Lynna’s Beau and Lynna’s Promise have like 50, and Lynna’s Destiny can’t seem to get above 20.

Come on help a girl out!!!!

If you have read my books and enjoyed them, please, please, please head over to Amazon and post reviews on all my books that you have read. I will be eternally grateful and love you forever.

Oh, one more thing. Remember the young man on the cover of Lynna’s Rogue. Well, you may or may not have known that he’s my son. He is also a struggling music artist. Now, he does hip hop and I know for many of you that isn’t your cup of tea. But, if any of you like that type of music here is the link to his you tube video 

Remember this is hip hop and there are colorful words and suggestive phrases, so if this offends you in any way please do not watch the video!

I hope you have a great 4th of July surrounded by family, friends, and fireworks. Be safe and keep in touch!

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